‘Atrox-Yone Pair’ Hanwha Life Esports makes it 2:0

Hanwha Life eSports won the second set and pushed DRX to the brink.

Set two also started off well for Hanwha Life Esports, as Kim “Zeca” Gun-woo’s Yone, with its excellent carry, took the lead. On top, Hwang “KingGen” Seong-hoon’s Arox held a tight grip on the initiative, and Hanwha Life Esports opened up a significant gap by sweeping up three kills, losing only Cho “Grizzly” Seung-hoon’s Maokai in the Herald of the Valley join fight.

DRX tried to utilize Kim “Croco” Dong-bum “Nocturne” Kim’s ultimate to catch Arox, but Hanwha Life Esports was quick to respond. Maokai-Yone quickly joined in, creating a 2-for-1 exchange. DRX made up some ground by utilizing Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee “Jax” Kim’s teleport to finish off Atrox.

With the initiative in hand, Hanwha Life Esports capitalized on their ability to get in early to widen the gap, but a twist occurred around the 18-minute mark. In a brawl in front of the third dragon, DRX’s AoE skill hit Hanwha Life Esports’ dealer line hard, resulting in a one-sided four-kill deficit.

However, Hanwha Life Esports did not falter. They picked up back-to-back kills in the top lane before heading to the baron and winning the ensuing battle. Showing that they could win a four-for-five game without Maokai, Hanwha Life Esports took the final kill with the immensely improved Yone-Atrox to win the second set.


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