Chelsea’s ‘retaliation’ against ‘1900 billion rare gambling’ → Extremely angry at ‘transfer mischief’ → Pochettino also opens up → Training with U21 team at 30 years old

Romelu Lukaku, a player for Chelsea in the English Premier League, has an unflattering label. It’s the label of “the biggest bust. Chelsea paid a whopping £113 million, or $192.4 billion in today’s money, to bring Lukaku back from Inter Milan in 2021. 메이저놀이터

However, Lukaku has struggled at Chelsea. He only played one season for Chelsea in 2021. After scoring just eight goals in 26 games, he left again the following year on loan to Inter Milan. It was one of the worst signings in Chelsea”s history, and is often referred to as the “greatest flop of all time”.

Lukaku thrived at Inter Milan. Last season, he was loaned to Inter Milan and led them to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final. After the season, Lukaku had to return to Chelsea because his loan was over, but he refused.

Instead of returning to Chelsea, Lukaku demanded a full transfer to Inter Milan, saying that Inter Milan was the team he wanted to play for. Chelsea knew what he wanted and wanted to sell him to Inter, and Inter believed in his sincerity and wanted to sign him. Inter fans also wanted Lukaku to move to Inter.

However, Lukaku had a change of heart, and after accusing Inter of “luring him”, Lukaku expressed his desire to join Juventus instead. Juventus is Inter Milan’s biggest rival in Serie A. This is a real stab in the back for Inter and Chelsea.

In particular, it was revealed that Lukaku had been in secret contact with Juventus since March. In the end, Inter Milan gave up on Lukaku and the transfer never happened. Lukaku returned to Chelsea as the transfer window closed.

Upon his return to Chelsea, Mauricio Pochettino treated Lukaku as a “shadow”. You don’t need to be nice to a player who is stabbing you in the back.

The Daily Star reported on Wednesday that Pochettino hasn’t spoken to Lukaku since his return to Chelsea. Specifically, he had him train with Chelsea’s U21 team instead of the first team. The U21 training center is right next to the Chelsea first team training center. Pochettino could have called him in for a chat, but he has completely ignored Lukaku.

Of course, Chelsea are determined not to include Lukaku in the squad. They”re waiting to send him to another team. Currently, a team from Saudi Arabia has made an offer for him. However, Lukaku doesn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Juventus continue to want to sign Lukaku. In particular, the Bianconeri are looking for a swap deal with Dusan Blahovic. They recently proposed a £30 million deal for Blahovic, according to British media. However, Chelsea are reportedly not keen on this deal either. That leaves Lukaku with nowhere to go. He’s already been photographed by Chelsea, so there’s no chance of him making the first team. He might choose to go to Saudi Arabia.

The European soccer transfer market closes on the first of next month. That”s less than 10 days away. Lukaku wants to go to Juventus, but Chelsea is blocking the move. Can Chelsea change their minds?

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