‘Captain’ Park Jung-ah “I’m disappointed but will improve my form”

The South Korean women’s volleyball team opened its final qualifying campaign for the Paris Olympics with a loss to Italy.

The Korean women’s volleyball team fell to Italy 0-3 in straight sets in the first match of Group C at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Final Qualification on Sunday (July 17) at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland.

Team captain Park Jung-ah started the match and scored six points. She played her role as a focal point on the court while also being proactive in her role.

Park also utilized her trademark touchout scoring in this match. Her serving errors were disappointing, but she kept her strength up by scoring blocking points.

“As it was my first game, I wanted to show a good performance, but it left a lot to be desired,” Park said after the match.

“I am currently working hard to quickly adapt to the jet lag and improve my physical condition,” she emphasized. The team had just one day of on-court training after a long flight, but it was clear that they were determined to give it their all.

The team has a busy schedule ahead with the final qualifiers for the Paris Olympics followed by the Hangzhou Asian Games. After that, she will return to her home team.

Park was a key contributor to the team’s fourth-place finish at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and was also a key part of the Korea Expressway Corporation’s V2 last season. She has since become a free agent and wears a Pepper Savings Bank jersey.

However, his time with the team was short due to his off-season national team schedule. He realizes the importance of the Korean flag every day. This tournament is no different. In addition to showcasing her abilities, she is also concerned about the synergy of the team.

“I want to show a little better performance against the stronger teams,” Park said with six games remaining. It was a moment that showed the sincerity of the team’s desire to improve. 스포츠토토

Coach Cesar said, “We have an important schedule between this tournament and the Asian Games. We will continue to play the main players and try to get the best out of them,” Cesar said, revealing his intention to be patient with Park.

Park will prepare for the match against Poland on the 18th. Although Poland has been on the rise lately, we will try to face the opponent in front of the net with our own pace. In particular, Park’s rejuvenation after taking a breather has overlapped with her performance at the Tokyo Olympics.

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