‘Six in a row’ for Heo Jun! ‘Forget about the gold medal humiliation’: Ou Fleuré roars gold over the Great Wall of China

Waves of cheers dizzy the field. Lee Ak-moon’s blade never wavered for South Korea’s men’s foil swordsmen.

The Korean men’s fencing team defeated China 45-38 in the semifinals of the men’s foil team event at the Hangzhou Asian Games on Sunday at the Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China, to claim an emotional gold medal. 토토사이트

Flechette is considered the most difficult of the three fencing events to score. Only the torso counts as a hit, and it must be a precise stab with the tip of the sword to count as a point. While there is priority, there is also a wide range of time that counts as a simultaneous strike, which makes for a fierce battle in close quarters.

Korea suffered an unexpected ‘no-medal’ in the individual competition. Lim Chul-woo and Lee Kwang-hyun competed, but Lim was eliminated in the round of 16 and Lee in the quarterfinals, respectively. It was Korea’s first individual medal defeat in 45 years, since the 1978 Bangkok Asian Games.

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