Banpik happy with ‘Canavi’, “It came out about 90% of what we expected”

Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyuk was pleased with his ban pick against China.

South Korea defeated China 2-0 in their League of Legends quarterfinal match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Monday at the Hangzhou Esports Center Main Stadium in Hangzhou, China. In a post-match Mixzone interview, Seo Jin-hyuk said, “I think we were stuck because China played well. I feel like we won by a small margin, so I’m happy about the victory 무지개토토.”

Although the set score was 2-0, the match was far from easy, as Seo said, and the Koreans showed their focus in each game to reach the final. “In the first set, the game ended when I caught LeBlanc at the end, and I think that was the deciding point,” said Seo. “In the second set, we made mistakes in the beginning, but I think it was good that we drew the game out because we had a good combination.”

Seo Jin-hyuk also expressed his satisfaction with the banfic. He explained that they didn’t deviate too much from the expected banter. “For the banpick, we studied what our opponents would ban and pick, and I think it went well,” Seo said, “It didn’t come out at 100%, but I think it came out around 90%.”

South Korea defeated China to reach the final. With just one step away from the gold medal, Seo Jin-hyuk was determined to win. “Tomorrow is the last final,” he said, “and I’m going to prepare hard and win it unconditionally.

Many Korean fans were on hand to show their support. They never stopped cheering for the athletes against the large number of Chinese home fans. Seo Jin-hyuk was grateful for the support. He said, “Despite being in China, there were a lot of fans. Whenever we were nervous, they cheered a lot,” he said.

“I think the fans have high expectations for us at the Asian Games,” Seo concluded, “and I think we met those expectations with a 2-0 win, but we will do better in the next final.”

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