‘Complete’ Hana WonQ loses to Kyung Hee University’s height and strength in men’s collegiate game

Hana OneQ practiced with Kyung Hee University in a scrimmage.

Bucheon Hana OneQ played a practice game against Kyung Hee University on Tuesday at Seonsung Hall on Kyung Hee University’s international campus. Yang In-young, Shin Ji-hyun, and Jeong Ye-rim joined the team for the first time. However, the team struggled a bit with Kyung Hee University’s strength and height throughout the game.

Hana OneQ had four players score in double figures. Choi Ji-sun scored 13 points, Jeong Yerim had 12, and Kim Ji-hyeon and Shin Ji-hyun had 10. Kim Sion had the most assists with eight points and seven assists.

Practice games between women’s professional and collegiate teams are not common. That’s why Kim Dowan, head coach of Hana Wonq, said before the game, “It’s not important to win in a practice game. If we win, that’s great. But better than that is to do our thing. I hope the players can learn the physical part through this match. I want them to gain experience and play our brand of basketball no matter who they are playing against.”

Indeed, Hana OneQ was dragged out of the game early on. They couldn’t control their opponent’s physicality. Kyung Hee University was higher and faster than Hana OneQ. They gave up points under the basket, and they also gave up outside points. Kim Jong-un scored, but it was 2-9.

Hana Wonq called for a timeout. The tide turned. On the first offense after the timeout, Shin Ji-hyun received a pass from Kim Jong-un and hit a three-pointer. This was followed by a fast break score from Kim Anna. However, Hana WonQ’s lead was short-lived. They lost back-to-back offensive rebounds, which led to points for Kyung Hee University. As a result, the first quarter ended with a score of 12-29.

Hana OneQ continued to struggle with their opponent’s height in the second quarter. They lost the battle under the basket completely. However, they managed to score through quick offense. Hana OneQ used different moves than in the first quarter. They even scored from the outside. Despite the score difference, Hana One Quda showed their fighting spirit.

However, they were still pushed back by Kyung Hee University’s height. They were completely outplayed in the battle under the basket. Hana One Q tried to catch up, but couldn’t quite close the gap.

Kyung Hee University continued to press Hana Won Q strongly in the third quarter. Hana One Q struggled with this. Mistakes were made and the game was not easy to run. Shin Ji-hyun made a three-pointer and a fast break, but it was still in Kyung Hee University’s favor.

Hana WonQ then called for a timeout, and Jung Yerim scored a breakthrough basket. The team offset their height disadvantage by playing active help defense and scored in quick succession on offense. Hana WonQ succeeded in closing the gap. 토토사이트

Hana Wonq actively used young players in the fourth quarter. They wanted the younger players to grow through rough play. The players lived up to this expectation. Even though the score was high, they didn’t shy away from physical play. They boxed out and didn’t give up offensive rebounds. And they were quick on offense. But it wasn’t enough to overturn the deficit.

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