Wipawi and Hyundai E&C’s best friend note: ‘Align, help each other’

Wipawi is becoming more and more integrated into Hyundai E&C.

Hyundai E&C secured its second win of the season with a 3-1 (21-25, 25-21, 25-18, 25-23) set victory over IBK IBK in the first round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Hwaseong Sports Town on April 21.

The much-anticipated offense of Wipawi Sitong (real name Wipawi) came through. After starting the first game of the season, Wipawi scored just five points against Pepper Savings Bank and six against Heungkuk Life. But this game was different. She scored 21 points, the most in a single game. It was one point shy of the 22 points scored by the team’s top scorer, Moma Vasoko Leticia (real name Moma).

Wipawee, who has been showing her firepower for the Thai national team with each passing game, said, “I can feel myself getting better and better with each game. I think it’s because of the players I’m playing with,” she said, giving credit to her teammates.

In particular, she expressed her gratitude to Kim Dain. “I want to thank her for giving me the toss at a height I’m comfortable with when I’m attacking. We’ve been practicing and getting in sync with each other, so that helps a lot. We also communicate a lot. She said she was worried about me being lonely,” he laughed, referring to their chemistry on and off the court.

Of course, she also shared her thoughts about the other players. “They don’t think it’s a disadvantage if I make a mistake. I’m grateful for their honesty in giving me feedback and saying, ‘How about if you fix it like this,'” he added.

From the first game of the season against Pepper Savings Bank to this game, HCS had a tight schedule with three days between games. “It seems like we play a lot,” said Wipawi, “but it’s okay because we have a good balance of practice and rest. The program is well structured, so the amount of training is fine.”

“I am satisfied with my performance, but I still make a lot of mistakes. I will try harder not to repeat the same mistakes. I will work harder to coordinate with my teammates.” He is not completely satisfied yet.

During the interview, Wipawi was seen answering questions in short bursts of Korean words. “My interpreter taught me,” he said, citing ‘coach’ and ‘defense’ as words he could use. I’m learning Korean by staying with them all day,” he said.

When asked about the cold Korean weather, he said, “The coach always says, ‘Wear a jacket. Don’t wear short sleeves and shorts, wear long sleeves and long pants,” he laughed.

He was the last to join the team due to the Thai national team schedule, but he is gradually getting used to it. “At first, I wanted to do my best and lead Hyundai E&C to the championship, but now that I think about it, the season is still long, so I want to do my best in each game,” Wipawee said, expressing his desire to win 굿모닝토토.

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