Conte was doomed…zero communication, coercion of players.

Under Antonio Conte, players didn’t feel free.

The British newspaper The Guardian on Sunday (July 27) analyzed how Enze Postecoglou is finding success at Tottenham, noting the differences between him and Conte.

“The differences between Conte and Postecoglou, who left Tottenham in March, are clear. Conte didn’t want to be in the team, sometimes for personal reasons. There were three bereavements, deteriorating health, and a longing for his family back in Italy,” adding that Conte was not focused on the team. 굿모닝토토 도메인

The reasons listed above were, to some extent, inevitable. Conte wouldn’t have wanted it to happen at all. However, Conte was also responsible for ruining the team’s atmosphere. “Conte’s bad mood made players and staff miserable, and he alienated people with the way he worked,” says The Guardian. He rarely communicated the schedule. He often made the team wait until morning to prepare the turf, demoralizing them. Players lived in fear of his outbursts when they made mistakes.”

Conte is known for his tough leadership style, which often divides his squad, with some players adapting well to it and others not. Conte has shown issues with locker room dominance in the past, even at Chelsea. As a result, Conte’s shortcomings have been fully exposed at Spurs. Spurs and Conte parted ways for their own good.

On the other hand, Postecoglou is giving everyone a sense of comfort and freedom. “Postecoglou is more organized, collaborative, and gives everyone the freedom to make mistakes. The players are liberated under Postecoglou”.

As a result, the players believe in him and are well on their way to playing the aggressive soccer he demands. The team is playing its most aggressive soccer since Mauricio Pochettino, but the players are playing without fear. Postecoglou applauds his players for following his instructions and making mistakes, which has helped them adapt to the new tactics more quickly.

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