Durant on the ‘Wembanyama Show’: ‘Wembanyama, not my style’

Kevin Durant has responded to a question about his comparisons to Victor Wembanyama by denying that he does.

The Phoenix Suns fell to the San Antonio Spurs, 121-132, in the 2023-24 NBA regular season at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday afternoon.

Wembanyama’s performance was particularly dominant for the San Antonio Spurs. Wembanyama recorded a double-double with 38 points, 10 rebounds, and two assists, giving him 38 points in just five NBA regular season games.

In the postgame interview, Kevin Durant of the home team, Phoenix, was interviewed. When asked about comparisons between himself and Wembanyama after the game, Durant said that it was “impossible to compare”.

A reporter asked, “Wembanyama and Durant, you’ve been compared to each other a lot. What is your assessment of his style of play?” Indeed, Durant and Wembanyama are seen as symbols of the NBA’s present and future: tall, lean, and able to play both the post and shoot the three.

“You don’t see anybody else’s style in Wembanyama’s game,” he says. Of course, he’s skinny and I’m skinny, and I’m sure he’d say he’s learned a lot from me. But he has his own style. He must have tried really hard to absorb the best of so many historic players,” he said, praising Wembanyama for his efforts.

“You could see it in his passion off the court, you could see it in the face-to-face, he has his own style that’s completely different from anybody else’s, and he’s going to open up the Wembanyama style for somebody else to watch and learn from,” Durant said, making it clear that Wembanyama is a different type of player than the ones he’s faced in the past.

Meanwhile, Wembanyama also applauded Durant’s ability.

“I still have a long way to go to reach his level,” Wembanyama said. “I tried to copy Durant, but I lacked patience. I was trying to do things too fast, whereas he has his own pace. I can’t copy him, so I have to learn to find my own pace,” Wembanyama said of playing against Durant.

Wembanyama continued, “He’s really special. He has a tremendous strength, especially in his set plays, and his offense is one of the most powerful in the league that’s hard to stop without knowing it. I haven’t seen all the players yet, but he’s at a very high level,” Wembanyama said, adding that he looks up to Durant.

With the win, the Phoenix Suns drop to 2-3 and 11th in the West, while the San Antonio Spurs improve to 3-2 and 8th in the West. 캡틴토토

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