We flew to Okinawa and discussed the protected list… KIA large gunner guns must be blown up to survive.

“I flew all the way to Okinawa to discuss it with him.”

The KIA Tigers selected Shin, a young catcher in his 20s, in the second round of last month’s draft. SSG Landers selected Shin in the third round. In fact, KIA had a lot on its mind. Ahead of the second round of the draft, each team submitted a list of 35 protected players to the KBO, and the list of other players was shared again. One of KIA’s biggest concerns when finalizing the 35-player roster was excluding Shin Bum-soo. “We may have fewer S- and A-level players, but we have a lot of good resources,” said KIA President Shim Jae-hak. It was too wasteful to exclude Bum-soo, but there were other pitchers we had to give up,” he recalled.

He was so worried that he flew to Okinawa, Japan, to visit manager Kim Jong-kook, who was in the midst of his final camp. “I was curious about the manager, the coaches, and the thoughts on the field. It’s not easy to make a roster, so I thought I should hear what they are thinking and what plans they have. That’s why I went to Okinawa.”

After much deliberation, Shin was removed from the protected list. They decided that he could be taken by any team. Shin was born and raised in Gwangju, where he attended Gwangju Dongseong High School. 캡틴토토 도메인 Since joining the team as a high school rookie, he has been one of the team’s most promising catchers. However, he has yet to reach his full potential in the first team. In the meantime, the team has signed Kim Tae-gun to a multi-year contract as the main catcher, Han Jun-soo, veterans Han Seung-taek and Kim Sun-woo, and rookie Lee Sang-joon, who has shown significant growth this year.

But there’s one more catcher the team needs to take a chance on. Joo Hyo-sang. The highly touted offensive catcher was a first-round pick when he joined the Nexen Heroes in 2016. After failing to fully establish himself with the Heroes, he joined KIA via trade. However, after an extremely poor start to the season, injuries limited his first season to just 19 first-team appearances.

KIA will be counting on him to grow into the role. For the time being, Kim Tae-gun will be the centerpiece of the batting order, but in the long run, prospects will need to grow up and compete for the spot. Joo Hyo-sang is such a player. The Kia team is also focusing on unleashing Joo’s “potency” through a number of changes. “There were things we planned, but he didn’t play much this year for various reasons,” said Shim Jae-hak. Now, we’re trying to come up with ways to develop him,” said Shim. Now the players have to show it with results.

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